Monday, July 23, 2012

VSAT Provider Tips

When picking a VSAT provider, customer should evaluate a few things.  Communication can make or break a business.  Below is a listing of things to check and ask your VSAT provider to make sure you are getting the very best service.

1.  Where is the earth station?  Is it in China or Pakistan?  Or is it is more secure and reputable countries like Norway, Germany, and the United States?  Vizocom uses earth stations in Norway, Germany, and the United States.  This allows for a more secure link with the best European/American engineering.  Not all companies can say this.

2.  Are they properly registered?  The nightmare scenerio is to find out your company is using an ISP that is not legally allowed to do business in Afghanistan (or other countries).  The government can impose fines and shut down these providers causing a major headache for the customer.  Vizocom is registered both with the Afghan Regulatory Telecom Authority for being an ISP and the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency for being able to operate as a business legally in Afghanistan.  Ask us and we can provide certificates showing we are registered.  Not everybody can do this.

3.  Are they giving the bandwidth they say?  Vizocom prides itself not only on our bandwidth, but that we can show customer their link usage any time via an MRTG data usage graph.  This allows us to show the customer we are providing all of the bandwidth we agreed to provide.  Whereas other providers cannot do this and they have no idea what your usage is.  This opens up the doorway to fraud if no graphs can be obtained.

4.  Do they have a 24/7 local NOC?  It is important the VSAT provider isn't operating in another country and is trying to provide you VSAT in Afghanistan or somewhere else.  The ISP should have a local office that is part of thier company, not some subcontracted entity that will forget about your link the minute it is installed.

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